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Sometimes the most important relationships we have are the ones we choose.  The inspiration behind these earrings and the matching necklace for our KING Collection comes from the incredible stories we've heard from the bonds that are created through the music mentoring program.  

These earrings come in three variations including Bronze-Colored Niobium Earring Hook, Sterling Silver French Hook or Black-Colored Niobium Earring Hook.

Kindred Spirits Earrings

$35.00 Regular Price
$29.75Sale Price
Color Beads
  • All pieces in the KING Collection are crafted out of strings from Strait Music Company, and give additional proceeds to Kids In a New Groove.

  • *Niobium is a nickel-free inert metal. It is very resistant to corrosion and other reactions, and is used in medical implants. Niobium is not plated or painted, so will not flake or chip. It is anodized, meaning it is colored by dipping it into an electrically charged "bath." Because it contains no nickel, lead, or other additives, most people with metal allergies can safely wear niobium.

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