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Not only is it in our name, but it’s one of our three objectives here at More Than Music Creations: Conserve. Create. Contribute.

For as long as I can remember I have been making and creating. My mom still has some of the first art projects I ever did: a painting of a duck pond, and a rattle made of clay.

Somewhere early on, nature and music made their way into my soul and planted roots. Looking back both have been the inspiration for the work I’m most proud of.

Music’s influence became apparent when I began dancing in high school, which later led me to study modern dance at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. When I came back to Texas and continued my education at Texas State University, it was photography that brought me back to nature.

More Than Music Creations (MTMC for short) has given me a medium for combining these passions while making a positive impact.

My inspiration and process vary quite a bit when it comes to MTMC. For this reason, I’m excited to use this space to share some of the behind-the-scenes how and whys of my creative process!

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