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We have three objectives at More Than Music Creations: Conserve. Create. Contribute. Today I’d like to share a little bit about our efforts to conserve.

MTMC started with the idea of repurposing guitar strings into art and jewelry, and though this is the most visible of our conservation efforts, it is far from the whole picture.

My wife Michaela is many things, among those are photographer and conservationist. It is by no surprise then that she has been a long-time follower of nature and wildlife photographer Thomas Mangelsen. Introduced to his work at a young age, it has influenced not only her work as an artist, but her outlook on the purpose behind her work.

“I’ve been heavily influenced by Tom’s photography, but even more so by what it and he stand for," she says. "He brings a fine art element to nature and wildlife conservation that allow him to not only draw attention to this cause, but to give back to it as well.”

This influence is obvious in Michaela’s photography (see but is also present in her lifestyle and our business practices here at MTMC.

As her husband and business partner, I am constantly encouraged to be more mindful of my own conservation practices. Whether it’s making sure everything I throw away makes it into the correct one of four bins we have in most rooms of our home, or sourcing shipping supplies that are not only recyclable, but primarily made of post-consumer materials whenever possible, I can personally attest to the level of commitment she has made for ourselves and our business.

One example is how we collect used guitar strings from our music partners. We have chosen to use a resealable and reusable shipping pouch, therefore reducing the amount of materials used to do so.

Another example is what Michaela does with all of the leftover bits of string that don’t get used in the jewelry making process. Instead of going into the garbage, these little bits and pieces are made into functional art pieces like the table pictured here.

Conservation is a part of our slogan and our business model, but it’s also a part of our lifestyle. I look forward to sharing more of our conservation efforts in the future, along with other conservationists we follow and the good they’re doing in hopes that you too will join us.


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